From the beginning of this very young Koperation we have organized lots of different activities, always together; several of them where dedicated to our Erasmus students, such as paintball matches Trieste VS Primorska, international dinners, rafting, visits to some historical museum of WWI or to some very typical “osmiza”, a sort of local agritourism where to spend a good afternoon having a good time together. We also organized one day long visits (Trieste and Koper of course, but also Piran during our Welcome Week) or three day long trips (Belgrad last year, Sarajevo this year). Last but not the least Trieste is invited every year by Primorska at the Slovenian National Event and some Erasmus from Primorska have joint with Trieste the italian Carnival National Event in Venice and Padua.

On the national level we would also like to underline the participation of a delegation of Primorska to the Italian NP in Trieste, April ’13, and the participation of a delegation from Trieste to the Slovenian NP in Ajdovscina.

Meetings take place twice a semester, at the beginning and at the end, when we need to plan what to do and to summarize what we have done. Usually we talk for a couple of hours having dinner, then party all together :D

Due to the frequency of the meetings there’s no real programme, what we do is the plan of the activities we would like to develope together. Of course we have some team building moments, but they are very informal: in our common opinion for example it’s much easier to introduce each other’s newbies having a beer in a bar than during a proper “plenary session”.

The Koperation, this is how we call it (Koper is the city where the University of Primorska  is posed), is promoted among authorities through the report of the activities that we present each semester. Among the Erasmus it is promoted creating events where they can meet and get in contact, and promoting the events that the wtin section organizes when it’s posible. Finally, talking about the section members, our relationship is constantly promoted thorough a FB group and pushing the newbies to take part to the meetings and making sure that during the organization of each common event some newbies are in the OC.

Future projects: recently we have develope two brand new projects, that we are about to present to our friends. First, for EiS, for the next academic year we would like to recive some visits of Slovenian Erasmus to the Slovenian minority highschools in Trieste, and to take some of our Erasmus to the Italian Highschools in Slovenia and maybe Croatia (involving ESN Rijeka). Moreover, since next year will be the centenary of the beginning of WWI in this part of Europe, we are planning some activities involving the section of Trieste, Primorska, Udine (Italian Candidate Section) and probably an Austrian one (Klagenfurt).