Most international students get a student flat through several website or the ads posted on University's wall.

The appartments vary in size, price and location. In the city center (near Piazza Unità) are more expensive than in the station area. You can find middle-price flats around Via Fabio Severo and Viale XX Settembre. You may choose the area where to live depending on which faculty you will attend! 
Trieste is not a big city and luckily each area is at most 15 minutes from the city center, using the car or public transports, urban transports are very good and allow you to move from early morning to evening. The area of ​​Viale XX Settembre is between the university (Sede centrale) and the city center, so it is there that most of the students take a room. If you prefer the central area, the best neighborhoods are the Barriera, Ponte Rosso and Borgo Teresiano areas, close to the central coast. Moving just outside you can also extend the search to Roiano, near Stazione Centrale. In any case, Trieste remains a little city, so every neighborhood deserves its considerations.

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Another type of accomodation is the University Residence. Check out Residenza Universitaria Rivalto - Fondazione Rui which is managed by the RUI foundation, a non-profit organization that is part of the Conference of University Colleges of Merit legally recognized by the Ministry of the University. Every semester they have special scholarships for International Students! 

All websites to find accommodation that we know: